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Many SaaS Businesses Have The Same 3 Issues

✖ A business that’s far too focussed on its technology

✖ A failure to sign up enough A-grade customers

✖ A high attrition rate and a never-ending battle to find new clients

The software industry can be highly lucrative, but for many vendors, success remains elusive. Competition is fierce, with many businesses having as many as 10 major competitors, so it’s important they deliver an ecosystem that attracts, engages and delights its audience.

But this takes more than just feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing software. In fact, as SaaS Accelerator co-founder and commercial software expert, Stewart Marshall says,

“If you’re looking at the technology, you’re missing the point”

SaaS businesses need to focus on the people that they serve, and this starts by clearly identifying a target market and the problems to be solved. Without this focus, both marketing and development strategies are diluted as the business chases clients, many of whom simply aren’t appropriate.

The result is a high churn rate and excessive development and marketing costs that are often fatal to the business.

At SaaS Accelerator, we focus on the 4P methodology to ensure success for every SaaS business in the B2B space. 




Solution, Systems & Strategy

You core technology. The software itself, your day to day development practices and how you tackle a never-ending development cycle



Connect, Customers & Community

Human-centricity is key. Identify and engage your target audience, find the best ones and create a world where they can work together



    Campaign, Content and Conversion

    Everything to do with finding customers. How you take your product to market, the stories you tell and helping them become part of the family



      Flexibility, Fluidity & Focus

      Part of a winning team. Partners help you scale on demand, deliver financial stability by sharing costs and let you build a world class solution


        Our Discovery Sessions are best suited to established SaaS businesses that have been running for a number of years and are looking to take their SaaS businesses to the next level. Our Discovery Sessions offer a deep dive into the 4P’s and have been known to achieve a:

        + 20% Increase in Income

        + 10% Increase in Customer Retention

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        Our half-day workshops are ideal for start-ups that are about to go to market or still in their first year running.

        The workshops will equip you with go to market strategies and ensure you have the foundation blocks of the 4P’s set for a scalable business in the long-term.

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        Success Stories

        If you had to help your SaaS company and had one only one phone call to make, does someone come to mind? Put Stewart and SaaSAccelerator at the top of that list. He knows how to identify value. In just a couple of hours he identified valuable opportunities where we can save countless hours and thousands of dollars. This is time and money we can now devote to building our brand and generating revenue. Already impressed with what has been delivered, I’m looking forward to what’s next and recommend anyone else growing their company look his way too.”

        Joshua Allen

        CEO, and founder of Revenly

        I’ve had the pleasure of being a client of Joana’s and what I was really drawn to is her mindful approach. Immediately you are able to relate and connect with Jo and that lends itself to a positive foundation for a solid relationship. Jo is a visionary, constantly thinking and considering ‘what’s next’. She’s intelligent, fun, agile, and delivers! I’ve recently had the pleasure of Jo participating in the inaugural Microsoft ANZ Commercial Excellence (ACE) Council where she was interviewed as a small business owner. Our council members were completely engaged with the her brand and how they, as IT experts ,can support small business owners like Jo. It was inspiring to hear Jo talk about her business evolution and success! I look forward to many more years of engagement with Jo!

        Charis Jamieson

        Commercial Category Manager at Microsoft

        I have worked with Joana in the last couple of years and she is a dedicated and forward-thinking digital leader who has an expansive knowledge in her field. Her ingenuity and comprehension of change requests proved her to be insightful and capable of adapting easily with a desire to produce quality work. I learned a lot from her as a digital marketer and she will definitely be an inspiration to anyone who has a chance to work with her!”

        Eileen Tai

        Marketing Manager, Lenovo