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Our Discovery Process leaves no stone unturned as we engage with stakeholders in all areas of your business.


Content Marketing – We review your Buyer Personas, Buyer Journey, Content Mapping, Gap Analysis, Content Pillars and Content Calendar to determine how you engage with your clients.


Advertising Campaigns Paid Search, Paid Social, Google and LinkedIn strategies are analysed in-depth to assess both the number and quality of your leads.


Marketing AutomationLead Nurture and Customer Success strategies and how they integrate with your Content Strategy are analysed with a view to increasing qualified leads and customer retention.


Website – Your site’s Usability, Technical Errors, Performance, Images, Navigation and More are assessed to maximise Conversion Rates.


StrategyVersion planning, Development Streams, Critical Fixes, User Requirements, Testing and More are reviewed to ensure an efficient release cycle.


Functionality – Is it logical? Does it follow expected and common patterns of behaviour? Is it usable across multiple devices sizes? All critical to the user experience and customer retention. 


Look and Feel – Is the appearance consistent? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Are your controls the right size? Are they correctly positioned? A solid design aesthetic is essential in the modern world.


Training and Tutorials – Do you provide in depth training courses? Do your tutorials cover ALL major functionality? What about the lesser used features? Without education, your users will never make the most of your tool.


Help and Documentation – Have you documented all features? Is it up to date? Is it contextual? Are there examples, screenshots and videos? Education is only the start. If your customers can’t help themselves, they’ll be frustrated by having to ask others


Support – Do you have a support line? Email support? A User Forum? FAQs? Who do you customers turn to when they need more than written help?

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Marketing Discovery by Joana Inch


Founder of 2 x digital marketing agencies, Hat Media & Frizbe, Joana Inch, has worked with dozens of Software & Technology businesses such as Lenovo, DellEMC, Canon & Navman Wireless for over 15 years.

In 2017, she helped Lenovo make US$61million in 12 months through LinkedIn and Content Marketing. 

Since then, she’s followed her passion in education by teaming up with Australia’s smartest software developers and organising a series of workshops around Australia.

Software Discovery

by Stewart Marshall

Bestselling Author, IT Adviser, Innovator & Strategist, Stewart Marshall has spent 30 years in IT in software R&D, designing and building rapid development tools and solutions used by thousands of businesses around the world

He now helps organisations maximise the value of their technology, improving their profit by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, and will share his learnings on our webinar around designing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, energise the team and increase customer lifetime value.