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Our Workshops Help SaaS Companies Thrive

Having worked in Digital Marketing for over 15 years for some of the top Tech brands (mentioned above), Joana Inch found herself receiving a lot of calls from founders that were in their early days of building their dream SaaS company but not quite sure how to go to market and scale. Wanting to help, she developed an opportunity for these founders to pick the brains of the smartest people she knew in the industry that would help them do just that without investing a ton of money upfront into a marketing agency or +$150k employees. Hence the workshop was born which is specifically designed to give start-ups and early SaaS companies an abundance of knowledge into how to get grow with your current team. Joana knew that marketing hacks alone were not enough for these companies so she enlisted Thought Leaders in all the relevant spaces to form a comprehensive and holistic approach that would equip these founders with actionable insights into their software, the business model, and of course their sales  & marketing funnels. So, meet the team below.

Joana Inch

Founder of Hat Media, Frizbee and SaaSAccelerator, Joana is a geek at heart and thrives at helping Tech and SaaS companies generate leads and income from growth-driven marketing strategies.

Claim to Fame

  • Helped Lenovo generate US$61million in 12 months from Social Selling

  • Increased leads for Navman Wireless by 975%

  • Guided QSN Health on their start-up journey over 5 years to cut their paid media budget in half via inbound marketing and recently increased income by 20% 

  • Award nominations for Best Content Marketing by Mumbrella Asia & B&T Women in Media

Stewart Marshall

Commercial software expert, innovator, founder of SaaSAccelerator, and the bestselling author of “Doing IT for Money”.


Stewart spent most of his 30 years in IT in software R&D, designing and building rapid development tools and solutions used by thousands of businesses around the world, including Proctor and Gamble, Kawasaki, Kellogg’s and many leading banks.


He now shares his lifetime of frontline experience with up and coming SaaS businesses to help them create scalable and sustainable platforms that delight their customers and stand out from the crowd.

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